Air Conditioning Repair

June 21 signals the start of summer. Before the day comes, it is a good idea to ensure your air conditioner is up to what will be expected of it over the next few months. Get ahead of the game by scheduling maintenance and AC repair in Lakewood before summer arrives. The best time for AC service is before you need the unit. Not only will you be ready for summer when it comes, you will not find your name way down on the waitlist of the NATE certified technicians in the Denver West Metro area.

There are a couple of things you can do before the Comfy Cave Heating and Air technician arrives. Changing the air filter is one of them; cleaning around the unit is another. If your home is equipped with a central heating and air conditioning system, there is one common filter. Regardless of whether there is one common filter or separate filters, change them. The filter is responsible for collecting dust, allergens, and debris, none of which you want to breathe in. Replacing the filter is an inexpensive way to reduce your energy bills and ensure you enjoy maximum air conditioner performance.

Make sure the area surrounding the condenser unit is clean and free from an accumulation of leaves and other debris. Accumulated debris can be a problem. If it is not removed periodically, it will have an effect on the air quality and mechanical performance. As leaves and other matter break down, the residual becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. Experts in HVAC in Lakewood will attend to the tune-up and any necessary repairs. The technician will, amongst other items on the checklist, check the condition of hoses, ductwork, clean, fix any damage to the fins or coils, and check the refrigerant level.