Isn’t it funny how the heating system never seems to act up until you need it the most? When it is time for a new system, trust your heating installation to the experienced professionals at Comfy Cave. Allow us to help you determine the most efficient heater for your your home or business. taking into consideration various factors such as the number of rooms, total space, duct system, insulation and more.

Stop shivering and get back to being cozy and comfortable by calling Comfy Cave for your heating installation.

We are proud to offer and install the entire line of Rheem’s heating and cooling products. This includes single stage units, multiple staged units, variable drive furnaces, air conditioning and heating systems; heat pumps, boiler heat systems, rooftop units, and many more.

We also install ductless mini-split units for those rooms which may have poor ductwork going to it, uncomfortable rooms, or garages which have been converted into offices, for example.

No matter what the application, we have a solution.

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