Having a boiler is great to increase the comfort and efficiency of your home, but they are more complex than your standard furnace. Boilers are highly durable, making them a great option for heating your home or business, but proper boiler repair and maintenance requires a skilled technician that understands all of the unique components of your system.

The experienced Comfy Cave technicians are trained to handle any type of boiler repair issue and get your home or business restored to a comfortable temperature as fast as possible. There are a number of boiler-related concerns that can be dangerous, especially if excessive pressure builds up.

Because boilers are a very dependable piece of equipment, you may be surprised when something goes wrong. Here are a few of the most common issues that may arise:

Leaking or Dripping

When a leak is coming directly from a boiler tank, the concern is immediate. It is likely that the boiler has begun to corrode and will require replacement. If the leak is stemming from a pump or pressure relief valve, these components can be repaired. Trust Comfy Cave to determine the source of the leak or drip before the problem becomes serious!

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Loud banging or rumbling coming from your boiler is not normal and is often a sign of surplus minerals in the water supply, also known as “hard water.” Mineral deposits can cause changes in the tank pressure levels that may lead to leaks or other concerns stemming from dangerous pressure levels.

No Heat

Having no heat defeats the purpose of having a boiler and could an immediate cause for concern. Allow the professional and experienced technicians at Comfy Cave to diagnose the issue and provide reasonable options to resolve the problem.

Pilot Issue

Most modern boilers utilize electronic ignition to heat water as needed. The more traditional ignition method is through the use of a pilot light. If the pilot light will not light, you will likely need a technician to diagnose potential ignition system issues.

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