Properly installed ductwork is a way to keep you comfortable and regulate the temperature in your home efficiently. Air leakage in your system can cause poor air quality, failure of your heating and air conditioning system and become costly through inefficiency.

The size of your ductwork and insulation is important when it comes to matching your heating and cooling system. Allow the professionals at Comfy Cave to fine-tune your ductwork to make sure you have the ideal amount of air flowing into each room.

Ductwork is often overlooked during remodeling or building projects. Room additions can have a significant impact on the flow of your heating and cooling system.

We also have tools which we can offer such as Aeroseal, which is a process of sealing an entire duct system from within to stop leakage. It maintains duct pressure and allows air to efficiently travel to the areas of a home to which it was intended.

We primarily make small repairs and adjustments to existing systems and small additions. We do not provide ducting for new construction.


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